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That feeling of just being together. Exploring the earth. Hand in hand.


These moments are the ones to cherish. The ones I like to help you save as part of your visual legacy- in photographs. I’m an adventurous elopement + wedding photographer for the explorers, the nature lovers, and the ones who are journeying into their marriage intentionally. I’m here to help you tell that one and precious story that’s in your hearts, and share it with your future selves and the ones you love. Let it be a compass for when you grow old together, of the day you say yes to the love of your life.

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 FLORIDA: ‘til summer 2019 

Available for:
+ 2 Small Weddings / Elopements
+ Adventure EngagementSessions
+ Lifestyle Sessions: Family + Maternity


Seattle Adventure Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photographer Logo - Shaina DeCiryan

fall/winter 2019 

Available for:
+5 Intimate Weddings + Elopements
+ Adventure Engagement Sessions
+ Lifestyle Sessions: Family + Maternity

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