5 Tips for Covid-19 Maternity Photo Safety

April 30, 2020

During this 2020 outbreak of Covid-19, it’s very important to do our part in trying to keep our families, and communities safe. Today I wanted to cover Covid-19 Maternity Photo Session Safety. This is something I’ve been putting a lot of thought into as a photographer. My 5 tips also apply to 2020 Senior portraits, family photos, lifestyle photos, and engagement sessions. Right now, I’m also pregnant with my first child, and a feel so lucky to be able to take my own maternity photos using a tripod and timer. It’s definitely not easy though, even as an experienced professional. So it got me thinking that there must be a lot of mamas-to-be out there who only have iphone selfies to document and share this special time in their life.

Would you be interested in doing some social distancing 6 ft+ photo sessions here in the Viera/ Rockledge/ Suntree area? Looking for an adventure elopement photographer? We live in Rockledge, and am currently expecting my first child myself, so I understand wanting to be super safe during this time of Covid-19.

1. Choose an Outdoor, Uncrowded Location

This might seem like a no-brainer now, but it’s a great place to start when planning your photo session during Covid-19. Being indoors adds unnecessary risk, so choose a spot with good airflow to stay safer! Ask your photographer if they know of a location with the sort of background or environment you’d like. Also, ask them what time these spots are the least crowded. Choose a weekday instead of a weekend. Also, the time of day matters! Early morning or late evening is the best lighting, and might also be the least crowded.

Right now it’s Spring/ early Summer here in Florida, and I know some spots with some lovely yellow wildflowers around, perfect for your session!

2. Arrive Photo Ready!

Try to make sure your hair, makeup and outfits are all set before you leave the house. This means giving yourself plenty of time to get ready so you are not rushed. Arriving on time, and being ready to start your photos on time is very important to get the best lighting, or avoid crowded times at popular locations. Do some quick touch ups in the car before you start. You can also ask your photographer to do some test shots to make sure everything looks good on camera before you start.

Boho style Florida springs maternity photos | Stephanie & Ryan | Photographer: ShainaDeCiryan.com

3. Bring a Bag of Helpful Items

Since your photographer won’t be able to help you fix your hair or approach you like normal, you’re welcome to bring some extra tools to help you look your best. I suggest packing these items in a tote bag:

  1. Hand Sanitizer, sanitizing wipes or spray. Make sure it contains 60-90% alchohol, as recommended by the CDC.
  2. Small Travel size Mirror- fix your hair, wipe of sweat, fix eyeliner/ mascara drift. Usually your photographer will help you with this, but it will be safer to do it yourself.
  3. Hand towel or blotting papers – to blot away sweat if Florida is giving us one it’s typical warm/ humid days.
  4. Comb or brush – touch up fly aways
  5. Outfit accessories, or props you want to include. Hats, ultrasound photos for a maternity session, etc. Just remember to keep it simple. 🙂

4. Stay 10 feet from your Photographer at all times

Be sure to ask your photographer if they have any zoom lenses that are 100mm or higher. This means they can still take portrait style photos of you from at least 10 feet away or more. Maintaining a safe distance is going to take teamwork, and mindfulness. If you or your photographer are approaching each other too closely on accident, feel free to back up and remind them.

Washington Oaks & Flagler Beach family photo adventure | Taryn & Brent | Photographer: ShainaDeCiryan.com

5. Be sure you and your photographer are healthy & symptom free

If you feel great when you book your session, but don’t feel good when the photo session day arrives- cancel it! Text your photographer and confirm they are feeling healthy also, and make sure everyone is on board. Also try to keep the group of people being photographed small. Limit it to you and your spouse, or you and your immediate family.

5 Tips for Covid-19 Maternity Photo Safety

In summary, here are my top 5 tips for pregnant mamas wanting to book their maternity session in Spring/ Summer of 2020 and stay safe during these times of Covid-19.

  1. Choose an Outdoor, Uncrowded Location
  2. Arrive Photo Ready!
  3. Bring a Bag of Helpful Items
  4. Stay 10 feet from your Photographer at all times
  5. Be sure you and your photographer are healthy & symptom free

Book your Social Distancing Maternity session now!

I hope these 5 Top Tips for Covid-19 Maternity Photo Session Safety helped inspire you to get out of the house safely, and be able to have the magic of professional photography capture this special season in your life. In 6 yrs of business as a full-time photographer, I’ve never experienced something like this time of Covid-19. We are all going through a lot right now. But I think it’s also a great time to heal and challenge ourselves to live healthier + more intentional lives. Are you looking for a natural, earthy style of photography for engagement photography, adventure elopements, maternity & family sessions, and high school senior portraits? If so, i’d love to create some amazing photos with you!

Hope you are staying healthy, and finding ways to stay inspired during this time of social distancing.

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In light + love,