Nick + Kathryn // Bogotá Destination Wedding

Kathryn & Nick live in Orlando, but traveled to the bride's native Bogotá, Colombia for their destination wedding along with a lovely group of their family and friends. After meeting these two during their engagement photos during our Winter Park walkabout, I knew their wedding day was going to be something special..

Little did I know the party would begin as soon as we landed in the Bogotá airport, where the couple arrived to a band of traditional Colombian music and excited welcomes from their family! 

Their black tie wedding ceremony was a beautiful blend of Colombian traditions with an American twist, followed by a colorful masquerade dance party. Seeing how much love their family & friends poured into making this wedding truly special- from Kathryn's tiny grandmother who had endless smiles and hugs for everyone to meeting the incredibly talented woman who handmade Kathryn's wedding gown-  this was one of those amazing once in a lifetime experiences that we are blessed to have witnessed. 

After the wedding, the adventure of this beautiful couple's wedding story continued with their honeymoon journey around Bogotá with their family and friends.. Check back soon for part II!


Wedding City: Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá Wedding Venue: Centro Social de Oficiales de la Policia Salon Andino

Bogotá Wedding Makeup: Peluquería D´Norberto

Bogotá Wedding DJ: Jeisson Camilo Oliveros

Bogotá Wedding Dress: Custom gown

Bogotá Groom Tuxedo: Hugo Boss