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Do you have an exciting new chapter in your lives coming up? Ready to share your passion project with the world? I am lifestyle & wedding photographer who digs nature, hiking, organic living, and am a sucker for modern bohemian style. I’d love to help you share your life’s passion with the world in photographs. I’m based in Florida, moving to Seattle in 2019, and travel often. Ready to get this adventure started?

Surprise proposal at Cumberland Island National Park

Surprise proposal at Cumberland Island National Park


Joshua + Shaina 

YES- that's us- we're engaged!

Cumberland Island National Seashore, St. Mary's, Georgia

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Joshua and I first met 4 years ago at a Trapeze lesson after talking online and long phone conversations had piqued our mutual curiosity of each other. We laughed over how close our July birthays are, and we have found in each other something I  had never dreamed of. We've been on some amazing journeys- summer days where he's taken me through the birchlands of Beaver Island, Michigan where he spent his childhood summers, and exploring the mossy forests and sailing in a dear place to my family's hearts- Little Cranberry Island, Maine. So when he told me to pack backpacking gear for 60-80 degree weather last Friday, I was excited!

We arrived at the Cumberland Island ferry terminal, and headed off through a tunnel of white lyonia blossoms (Uncle Joel to verify) on the Parallel Trail towards Yankee Paradise. Cumberland Island was our first camping trip together back in the Spring of 2014, and it was the first time we told each other we were in love with one another. 

Chapter I: Cumberland Island Backpacking

The weekend was dreamlike for the two of us nature lovers- swimming in the ocean and watching the full moon rise over pink sunset skies along the horizon, then warming up on the dunes in the last light of the day. Finding countless whole sand dollars, whelks, lettered olive shells and moon shells, which Joshua encouraged me to decorate a palm tree with instead of take home.. then the magic of walking back to our campsite through a veil of fireflies and moonlight.  The next night we had dinner on the porch of Plum Orchard with a wild stallion grazing next to us, before watching the sunset over the saltmarsh.


Photography: Gordon DeCiryan

As if all of that wasn't enough, we got off the ferry and Joshua mentioned that we should walk through the new park. I was eager to put my backpack down off my aching shoulders and got excited to find some swinging benches.. I missed the fact that he was trying to steer me towards the fountain, but once we settled into the bench he reached over to his backpack, got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. After that is a beautiful blur for me. When he told me to stand up and turn around, I saw a group of strangers taking photos of us. He had to tell me "Shaina, that's your family! It's your mom and dad, and brother.", before I could even recognize them and what was going on. I still feel like I'm floating and suspect we are currently situated somewhere around cloud eleven. one else, love, will sleep in my dreams. you will go, we will go together, over the waters of time. no one else will travel through the shadows with me, only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon
— Pablo Neruda

It wasn't until we got to dinner that we realized I had forgotten to accept Joshua's proposal... So the answer is, a resounding YES! My heart is so full right now with pure starlit, oceanic, wildflower colored happiness at this amazing man, who as of Monday April 30th, 2018 is now my fiancé Joshua.  Retracing our first steps on Cumberland Island, sneaking my camera to my brother Gordon and having him and my parents drive 3 hrs up to St. Mary's to be able to witness the moment is something I know they will treasure forever. Thank you to Gordon for hiding your petite 6'5 frame in the bushes and giving your sister a proper surprise.


Joshua noticed how I sign my emails to him with “love + light” instead of the usual “light + love” I write as my signature for my photography work.  So he had those words inscribed in the tiniest little french script on the inside of the ring. We designed the ring collaboratively this Spring, with a blue-green sapphire (ethically sourced), which represents the forests and oceans we both love exploring together. It also reminds me of the elusive and ever changing color of Joshua's eyes that made my heart flutter when I first met him. 

In light + love,

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