Matt + Kaley

I met Matt & Kaley through one of Matt's best friends, roommates and groomsman, Jason, who is also getting married this year to his beloved DJ!  As soon as I met these two I knew they were going to be a blast to work with! September 20th, 2015 truly felt like the coming together of two great families. What better way to start off than exchanging vows, communion and rings in the sunny foyer of the Spring Meadows Church in Longwood, before celebrating with an elegant black tie brunch filled with cranberry mimosa toasts, crepes, a gorgeous cake and a dizzying dance party (at least for the flower fairies)! There was so much thought and a WHOLE lot of love that went into making this wedding day special for Matt & Kaley and I wish them both the best in their new journey forward as Mr. & Mrs. Shiles.

Here's a peak into their big day- check back soon for more! :)

The flower fairies were truly magical, making way for the bride with their tulle & ribbon wands.

Kaley + Matt- Highlight Edits 35.jpg

Kaley mentioned they had their wedding bands engraved with their wedding date and a special reminder message of what they signify-- tiny words that hold so much.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
— Dr. Suess
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Wedding Venue: Spring Meadows Adventist Church, Sanford, Florida
Wedding Reception Venue: Longwood Community Building, Downtown Longwood, Florida
Wedding Season: Fall 2015
Hair & Makeup Artistry: Laura Reynolds Artistry
Videographer: One Wing Films - Andrew Dimalanta
Photographer: Shaina DeCiryan