Susan + Manolo // Modern Chic Multicultural Wedding at the Lakehouse loft at Lake Nona


Yun Ying + Manolo's Crimson + Pearl Multicultural Loft Chic Wedding 

The Lakehouse at Lake Nona, Florida 

Between vibrant renditions of Despacito to the red curving lines of the double happiness symbol that floated above all- Susan + Manolo's wedding was a gathering of pure joy! This wedding was not only a blending of two hearts, but two cultures. The rain couldn't stop this Chinese/ Puerto Rican pair from having a ball in the loft inspired space where they were just planning their reception, but got a cozy indoor ceremony too! Be sure to check out the Lakehouse at Lake Nona if you're looking for a modern space to celebrate!

Chapter I: Double Happiness Morning

Chapter II: The First Look

Chapter III: The Lakehouse Ceremony

Chapeter IV: The Red Loft of Joy


  destination wedding location + catering: The Lakehouse at Lake Nona, featuring the Tom Fruin Glass House | bridal makeup: LeJeune Artistry | wedding planning + coordination:  Lake House at Lake Nona |  Wedding Videography: Zach Swee Photo & Film | Wedding Photography: Shaina DeCiryan Lifestyle + Wedding Photography

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