Vivobarefoot // My barefoot shoe journey!

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Vivobarefoot // Our barefoot shoe journey!

by Shaina DeCiryan • Queenstown, New Zealand • January 1, 2017

vivobarefoot gobi hi top boots minimalist & barefoot style shoes

This past year I've been retraining my feet from thirty years of narrow toed, hard soled shoes. It's changed everything for me- healing my foot pain on the shallow side, and giving me an overall sense of connection to the land underfoot. Vibram 5mm soles have become my solemates, and these @vivobarefoot Gobi Hi Top boots I found via @calceology left my feet during our trip through New Zealand's chilly South Island. The wildhide leather is so soft, and kept my feet dry in the wild tide as we explored a penguin colony. I'm so thankful for companies like vivobarefoot that are taking the time to make such beautifully crafted, and naturally functional shoes that are light and fast. And for the #correcttoes I have been using to help space out and strengthen my toes. I feel like I can run around, climb and explore like a kid again and can't understand why people aren't evolving faster away from heavy, stiff soled shoes that weaken your foot muscles and cause ankle, knee and hip pain and misalignment in so many of us. Folks, it's time to take responsibility for our ow

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Vivobarefoot // My barefoot shoe journey!

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