Gifts + Goods // a home for your photos- wooden gift sets for print + USB

August 12, 2015

The charm of old world materials meets the ingenuity of modern tech with these natural wood gift box photography sets.

Digital galleries are great for sharing and ordering your photos now, but sometimes photos this important deserve a place in your life outside of a screen. As a photographer, I love being able to hand my clients a beautifully printed photo they can cherish. I’m so delighted to present my new organic wooden gift box series for 2015, so you can keep your favorite photo memories close to your heart, and in a special place in your home.

You’ll have them- digitally on USB and you’ll be able to hold them- while you browse through your album, or place them on the wall or a shelf in a pretty frame. These wooden photo boxes are the perfect marriage of analogue and digital images, the best of modern design and classic traditions- which I think can exist gracefully together. Technology has opened up a lot of amazing possibilities for us all, such as allowing me to deliver you full sized digital images of your photos for you to enjoy on your home computer, play as a slideshow on your tv or computer, or print on your own. These gift sets are exclusive to client photography created by Shaina DeCiryan Photography, an organic lifestyle inspired wedding and portrait photographer based in Viera, and Sanford, in Central and Space Coast Florida.

In light + love,