Heirloom Album // Fog Lux Leather 10×10 with Mini

August 31, 2017

Packaging up this wedding voyager’s collection for a couple who touched my heart with their beautiful vows and story, and honored me with giving me their trust 100% of the way.. wow. Feeling emotional to think about it all.

Digital photos are great (and my little wooden usb blocks are adorable!), but handing my newlywed couples a bespoke wedding collection like this one is truly the crème de la crème. I always feel a bit nervous about the photos sitting forgotten on a hardrive after the facebook likes fade, or getting printed in cheap paper/inks that will fade instead of the steadfast materials I know are worth every penny.

It’s wild to think about all the LOVE that goes into making these books- a true reflection of all the dreams, hopes, and wedding experience of the bride & groom, all the work each of us wedding vendors- from the gown designers, the makeup artists, the wedding location- contributed to help bring their dream day to life, and the two week process of just hand-binding these books from archival, top shelf materials. I feel so proud to be the curating eye that brings all of this beauty together to present to my couples. 

Why have your wedding photographer print your photos? Because I know you’ll be able to enjoy the photos to their full potential. If you’ve seen my album samples, you’ll know what a difference it makes seeing your wedding photos printed vs. on a digital gallery/ facebook/ phone screen. 

Megan & Michael chose Fog Lux Leather for their 10×10 heirloom album and mini album, with a custom modern calligraphy embossing. The soft grey toned leather complimented the organic feel from their Winter Springs Farmer’s Market wedding details like the groom & groomsmen’s grey suits and the loft vibe so beautifully! 

Heirloom Wedding Album Details

Album style: Leather
Cover material: Lux Nubuck Italian Leather in Fog Grey
Cover design details: Custom Embossing in modern calligraphy font
Parent album: Mini album
Collection set: Wooden Gift Box with USB block + print set

Wooden gift boxes include a USB block with your full image collection on it, and a fun collection of white bordered prints!

Mini albums are such an adorable addition!

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful little details from Megan & Michael’s wedding album! If you’d like to learn more about my wedding collections that include heirloom albums, I’d love to hear from you. 

In light + love,



Beautiful photos of your Heirloom Wedding Albums! The detail in the leather and embossing is impeccable!