Jordan + Barbara • Lake Monroe Surprise Proposal

September 14, 2015

I had so much fun meeting this couple after Jordan called me up wanting to surprise his lady with an early morning coffee, a ring and a very important question at Sanford’s Riverwalk. Lake Monroe was a deep sparkling blue that morning and the wind was creating some waves in it! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Jordan couldn’t have picked a better Central Florida fall morning for such a special breakfast date! 

After managing to play it cool while sharing a cup of coffee with his lady at downtown Sanford’s Caffe di Riverwalk, he proposed by the lake. I had to be an extra stealthy ninja photographer to make sure this keenly observant gal didn’t spot me before the surprise!

Jordan- I give you major props for creating such a romantic moment for you two to start your engagement journey together with! I wish Jordan + Barbara all the best- and I can tell from how they both light up around each other that they share a truly special connection! And I’m so glad that you picked such a gorgeous spot with so much rich history in my Central FL hometown of Sanford, which has a classy new look downtown with the many historic & street renovations that are now completed in Fall of 2014. Lake Monroe has been an important part of Central Florida’s history because it was one of the first riverboat towns to be established in the area. And now it’s got an important part in your history too! 🙂