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2017/2017 travel

Jan // New Zealand
Mar // Longboat Key, Cumberland Island, Gainesville
Aug // Georgia Eclipse!
Sept // Seattle> PNW > San Francisco
October // Asheville, Central GA
2018 Dream Destinations // Morocco,Yosemite, Joshua Tree National Park, Zion, Arizona, Croatia, Patagonia, Amalfi Coast, Bali, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and always- New Zealand + Australia!

As a native of the Sunshine State, I've lived, travelled & adventured across 19 countries on six continents, and fallen in love with mountains, ancient cities and other vibrant cultures. 

National Geographic Photographer. That was my dream job at age 11. I spent evenings voraciously exploring my family's 70 year span of NatGeos, and was selected as a 6th grade student ambassador to Alaska & British Columbia. I got my first camera, and started teaching myself how to use it...

Since picking up a camera professionally in 2012, I've poured my soul into blending my love of documentary storytelling, fine art & color theory, and visual ethnography into creating fine portrait & wedding photography...

When I'm not photographing.. I love getting out and exploring the world with Joshua by my side, or cozy days in with our wild little junglecats Foxy + Scout.  I'm slowly turning our apartment into a jungle, and the three of them seem cool with it. Every few months we hop in the car or on a plane and go exploring to places like Cumberland Island, Key West, the Sleeping Bear dunes of Michigan, New Zealand or wherever our work or family takes us.

I think I have the coolest family in the world, but I'm a little biased. :) Organic food, hiking, yoga, tea drinking, books & art are where most of my energy goes outside of photography. I graduated with a B.A. from Warren Wilson College, where I wrote a thesis on activist street art, with a minor in Art-  History I & II, Painting, Life Drawing, Intaglio Printmaking, traditional bookbinding, Design + Color theory, and have found my way to wedding + lifestyle photography through a meandering path of work experience that range from Bookshop keeping to office managing a Landscape Architecture firm, flower arranging for tennis themed South Beach bar mitzvahs and selling NZ native plants to Aucklanders during my working holiday.  I guess I'm not your typical Florida wedding photographer, eh? :)




Watercolor leaf.png


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 Florida's Unique Landscape: Live Oak Forests, Bluewater Springs & Beaches
 I love working with the incredible golden hour light we get here in Florida when the weather gods are on our side, and the diverse locations we have here- from old growth cypress hammocks in my backyard in Seminole County, to the historic downtown areas of Winter Park and Sanford, and the secret tropical garden nooks tucked about the city of Orlando and Maitland.

Modern Kinship Rituals
I'm endlessly fascinated with rituals & culture (B.A. in Anthropology) and love how weddings are our most widely celebrated modern right of passage, and often a time that two people can not only express their love and lifelong commitment to their partner, but also unite their families and best friends. So many details go into weddings, and I love how each little element- from the cufflinks the groom chooses to the wedding venue atmosphere- adds up to such a raw and poignant experience. 

Art inspires life. Life inspires Art. 
I pour my creative energy and time each day into documenting your world beautifully for your now, and your future. As photographers, our perspectives are inspired by all of our experiences. It's a beautiful cycle. What inspires my life?  Love stories, Wes Anderson films, early morning forests, Scandinavian/ Old World crafted objects, 1960s travelogues, Anthropologie magazines, the National Geographic Society and wildflower gardens all hold kindred places in my heart, and often inspire what I make.

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Scout + Foxy

 Age 2, Miami. 

Age 2, Miami. 

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2017 nz roadtrip