I believe in the transformative power of love, travel and storytelling.

As a native of the Sunshine State, I've explored, lived & photographed across 19 countries on six continents, and fallen in love with mountains, ancient cities and other vibrant cultures. I love the overview effect travel unframes our perspective with, even if I haven't made it into orbit or the moon (yet).

At 11 years old, I dreamed of being a National Geographic Photographer. I spent evenings voraciously exploring my family's 70 year span of NatGeos. Camera & journal in hand, I became a 6th grade student ambassador with People to People International to Alaska & B.C. I was hooked.

Since picking up a camera professionally in 2012, I've poured my soul into blending my love of documentary storytelling,art history, color theory, and visual ethnography into natural, authentic photos narratives for lovers and families across the globe.