Nomad Warriors | International Women’s Day

March 8, 2016

We are electric nomads- a new generation of warrior princesses here to fight for the rights to happiness, art, human rights and wisdom in our global community. Our tools of choice? Art, yoga, culture, adventure, travel, and the beauty of our inner strength. Here’s to all the warrior princesses of our present and past who have fought for the people, communities and ideas they are passionate about. These are the women I am thinking of on international women’s day. 

Frida Kahlo, artist & political painter
Malala Yousafzai, activist & youngest Novel Peace Price winner
Misty Copeland, ballerina and first african-american principal dancer
Susan B. Anthony, activist
Marie Curie, scientist & inventor
Annie Liebovitz, photographer
Rosalind Franklin, scientist
Indira Gandhi, politician & activist
Helen Keller, author & activist
Jane Austen, female novelist
Amelia Earhart, aviatrix
Billie Holiday, top blues singer of all time
Rosa Parks, civil rights activist
Joni Mitchell, musician & activist
Mae Jemison, astronaut & physician
Michelle Obama, lawyer, writer & first lady
Joan of Arc, 13th century military leader
Anne Frank, writer
Ada Lovelace, mathematician, inventor & writer
Eleanor Roosevelt, diplomat, writer & activist
Coco Chanel, fashion revolutionary & activist
Catherine the Great, social reform Queen
Virginia Woolf, writer
Anais Nin, writer
Sally Ride, astronaut- first woman in space
Angelina Jolie, actress & activist
Harriet Beecher Stowe, civil rights activist & writer



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