Meet Shaina.


Curiosity for other cultures led to a B.A. in Anthropology, but I took as many art classes as I could and minored in Visual Arts. I didn’t trust myself to live the life of a full-time artist back then.

I moved to New Zealand and worked in book shops, worked in landscaping/ plants, landscape architecture..

But the creative life was still calling me.

Five years ago I started this journey into being a full-time wedding + lifestyle photographer. Since then I’ve been honored with documenting couple’s stories across Florida, North Carolina, California, Maine, Georgia, Colombia & New Zealand.

These days, I live in my native Florida’s Space Coast with my dream man, fiancé and adventure partner fiancé Joshua, and our junglecats Foxy + Scout.

Rad Podcasts

Levar Burton Reads, 99% Invisible, Design Matters, Tim Ferris Project, Waking Up with Sam Harris (Meditation App)

Reading List

Isabella: The Warrior Queen- Kirstin Downey
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu- Joshua Hammer
How to Change Your Mind- Michael Pollan