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meet shaina

I’m here to help tell your story in visual memories. I love infusing the timeless beauty of natural spaces, ancient trees, secret gardens, forest wildflowers and the unique landscape of your wedding destination into your photo adventure. 

I come from a family of travelers, explorers & artists. I've lived, travelled & adventured across 19 countries on six continents, and fallen in love with mountains, ancient cities and other vibrant cultures. I’ve always dreamed of being a National Geographic Photographer. I got my first camera at age 11, and fell in love with nature photography. After photographing my sweet cousin Amanda’s wedding in Islesford, Maine, wedding photography organically grew into a full time job for me. I started Shaina DeCiryan Photography in 2014, and have since had the honor of photographing couples throughout Florida, and in North Carolina, California, Maine, Georgia, Colombia & New Zealand.

I love working with the incredible golden hour light we get here in Florida when the weather gods are on our side, and the diverse locations we have here- from old growth cypress hammocks in my backyard in Seminole County, to the historic downtown areas of Winter Park and Sanford, and the secret tropical garden nooks tucked about the city of Orlando and Maitland.

Weddings are one of the last remaining modern kinship rituals in our society. I'm endlessly fascinated with rituals & culture (B.A. in Anthropology) and love how weddings are our most widely celebrated modern right of passage, and often a time that two people can not only express their love and lifelong commitment to their partner, but also unite their families and best friends. So many details go into weddings, and I love how each little element- from the cufflinks the groom chooses to the wedding venue atmosphere- adds up to such a raw and poignant experience. 

Art inspires life. Life inspires Art. I pour my creative energy and time each day into documenting your world beautifully for your now, and your future. As photographers, our perspectives are inspired by all of our experiences. It's a beautiful cycle. What inspires my life?  Love stories, Wes Anderson films, early morning forests, Scandinavian/ Old World crafted objects, 1960s travelogues, Anthropologie magazines, the National Geographic Society and wildflower gardens all hold kindred places in my heart, and often inspire what I make.