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Photography is a collaborative journey we'll take together to tell your story- whether it's stylish, playful, adventurous, loving or professional. If you'd like collaborate with me on dreaming up your wedding day experience, a local, lifestyle portrait session or need social media marketing content for your small business- let's start the conversation here:


Rockledge & Sanford, FL
shainadeciryan (a) gmail.com

2017/2017 TRAVEL

Jan // New Zealand
Mar // Longboat Key, Cumberland Island, Gainesville
Aug // Georgia Eclipse!
Sept // Seattle> PNW > San Francisco
October // Asheville, Central GA


Namibia, Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Mongolia, Croatia, Amalfi Coast, Malta, Montenegro, Canary Islands, Queenstown- New Zealand, Australia, Bali- Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Banff, Joshua Tree, Alaska, Northern Ireland Coast, Provence.. 

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