Ready to tell your story?

Photography is a collaborative journey we'll take together to tell your story- whether it's stylish, playful, adventurous, loving or professional. If you'd like to start this magical process of dreaming up your wedding day experience, creating your next set of cherished portraits or you're ready to show off your small business's hard work to the world- let's start the conversation here.


Fill out my quick contact form on the right, and I'd be happy to double check your wedding date or photo session time is available.


We'll meet up for tea at East End Market or somewhere local to see if we're a good fit for your wedding plans!  I'll give you two a chance to go through my wedding collections & albums in person, and chat over timeline possibilities, and answer questions. 


After you've decided you'd like me to be a part of your wedding team, I'll invite you to your Client Portal, where you can complete your contract, review your quote, make your deposit and book your date. Let the adventure begin!