Tavé: A wedding photographer’s review

August 11, 2016

Business Essentials List: Tavé

Why am I writing this? Because I am a fan of keeping things simple. I don’t like a ton of fancy gadgets and programs. I only use what works, and this program has made it to my business essentials list.

After telling my wedding industry friends who have asked advice about what I use for [insert random workflow thing here], and always replying “Tavé”, I figured I’d save us all time by writing this post.

Note: This is an honest, unsolicited review of the program after I’ve used it for 6 months, and I hope it can be helpful to you.

If you’re a creative service based professional, small business owner, entrepreneur, photographer- chances are you need a little help with the business side of creating. 

I do. No matter how awesome you think your workflow is without using a special program to help you manage things, all you have to do is trial one for a few days before you start realizing how invaluable they are.

After a painful one month trialing all the major client management programs out there for wedding photographers, Tavé was the clear winner for me. The cost of using it and the time it took to set up have been paid back thousands of time over. Outsourcing areas of personal weakness help you put more energy into your areas of strength, and for me the process of booking clients, contracts, accounting and project progress tracking was tough. I spent a good two weeks customizing Tavé to my business setup, workflows, pricelist, etc., added in my previous or in process clients and voila! Now I use Tave for:

  • The full booking process: It’s now smoother for me AND for my clients
  • Contracts – no more printing, scanning, mailing. Fully digital + secure.
  • Client payments– now I can let my clients pay their balance in 1-4 payments without causing me a major headache
  • Workflow tracking– for tasks (like backing up + deleting photos out of Lightroom) and deliverables (I can easily overview where all my album making processes are at the moment)
  • Accounting– easily add costs like printing, albums, mileage, etc. and ongoing monthly subscription costs (cloud hosting galleries, Adobe CC, etc.)
  • Lead tracking– I can see what leads are coming from friends, google, instagram, pinterest, fb, etc..
  • Client Questionnaires– for wedding day timelines, family photo lists, etc.

Now I literally think of Tavé as my chic assistant who always has my back for reminding me of where I’m at which each of my wedding + lifestyle portrait clients. I’ve also been incredibly impressed with the support team who answers chats so quickly when I have an issue, and the FB user group. Tavé has been a life and sanity saver.

It also has an app, so you can login and check on things or setup a quick quote on your phone while you’re waiting to board an airplane, or away from your laptop. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope this can help you out on your journey into being a successful creative business owner!

In light + love,