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I believe in the transformative power of love, travel and storytelling.

As a native of the Sunshine State, I've explored, lived & photographed across 19 countries on six continents, and fallen in love with mountains, ancient cities and other vibrant cultures. I love the overview effect travel unframes our perspective with, even if I haven't made it into orbit or the moon (yet).

At 11 years old, I dreamed of being a National Geographic Photographer. I spent evenings voraciously exploring my family's 70 year span of NatGeos. Camera & journal in hand, I became a 6th grade student ambassador with People to People International to Alaska & B.C. I was hooked.

Since picking up a camera professionally in 2012, I've poured my soul into blending my love of documentary storytelling,art history, color theory, and visual ethnography into natural, authentic photos narratives for lovers and families across the globe.

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Stormy Skies Engagement

We had to move quickly before the storm rolled in. the ocean was churning, as they explored the rocks hand in hand. 




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shaina deciryan lifestyle + wedding photography


Over the past three years, Shaina DeCiryan Lifestyle + Wedding Photography has created authentic, natural imagery with heart + style for modern couples & families locally + worldwide. On your wedding day, you'll have me there as your artistic narrator telling the deeper story of your day. The story that will bring you shivers and happy tears when you revisit your day later. The story that will become tangible memories for you to have and to hold as your relationship matures over the decades to come. For your lifestyle portrait session, we'll create a fun experience for you and your dear ones in an inspiring place. It's a time to relax, and enjoy the sweetness of sharing simple moments together. These photos will be a little time capsule for your future self. I take great care in getting to know each of you, and placing you in magical spaces + light, so your photo story reflects you sweetly and authentically.  Garden, forest, loft, estate & historic site weddings are my cup of tea. Shall we get started?


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Photography is a collaborative journey we'll take together to tell your story- whether it's stylish, playful, adventurous, loving or professional. If you'd like collaborate with me on dreaming up your wedding day experience, a local, lifestyle portrait session or need social media marketing content for your small business- let's start the conversation here:


Rockledge & Sanford, FL
shainadeciryan (a) gmail.com

2017/2017 TRAVEL

Jan // New Zealand
Mar // Longboat Key, Cumberland Island, Gainesville
Aug // Georgia Eclipse!
Sept // Seattle> PNW > San Francisco
October // Asheville, Central GA


Namibia, Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Mongolia, Croatia, Amalfi Coast, Malta, Montenegro, Canary Islands, Queenstown- New Zealand, Australia, Bali- Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Banff, Joshua Tree, Alaska, Northern Ireland Coast, Provence.. 

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