5 Reasons to register with Zola

December 18, 2017

I’m always surprised when my brides & grooms haven’t heard of Zola. So I created this blog post to remedy that! Gone are the days of registering at dreary box stores. Zola is a whole new breed of wedding registry tailored to 2018 couples who love to travel, adventure, cook, and come home to a cozy nest at the end of the day.


 Here's a sample Zola registry, with a mix of home goods, experiences and custom cash funds that your guests can contribute what they wish to.
Here’s a sample Zola registry, with a mix of home goods, experiences and custom cash funds that your guests can contribute what they wish to.


1. Experiences > Things.

I’m so happy how these days more and more people are realizing the value of experiencing life and being present in the moment instead of seeing life as a big race to accumulate the most stuff. 

People love to send a new couple off into their new life together by giving them a gift, and each gift is so much more than a mere token- it’s a wish for a brighter, happier, better future. Zola lets you register for experiences– either in your home town or at your honeymoon locations. So instead of getting a bunch of appliances, you get to go on a Sunset Cruise through NY or AirBnB vouchers for your honeymoon.

2. Curated for Style + Quality.

Scrolling through the registry options is a visual feast, and has a wonderful range of styles- from minimalist, farmhouse, scandinavian, vintage, bohemian and traditional style home goods. 



3. Fund your own Adventure.

My cousin Amanda & her new husband Ryan set up a bunch of fun experiences their guests could treat them to during their honeymoon travels through Thailand- like a tea ceremony, or a tour through the floating markets. My other dear friends Colin + Mariel created funds for their roadtrip honeymoon across America. I feel like it’s a really neat way for couples to let their guests treat them to creating the experiences and memories they will truly cherish. 

4. Create a Wedding Album Fund.

Create a custom cash fund for one of those most valuable parts of your wedding day- documenting it in photos & film! Get the photographer and videographer you really want to hire, vs going with the budget option. Or you can create a custom cash fund for your wedding album. It’s time to get creative! 🙂

5. It’s Simple + Easy to Use.

I see a lot of couples these days with 3-5 registries because so many stores are so limited in what they offer. Zola has thought of basically everything- even camping and hiking gear, and pet beds, and gardening gear. Having one registry makes it easier for everyone involved. 

If you’re interested in making your wedding registry reflect more of your personality, dreams and experiences you’d love to share as newlyweds, you’re welcome to use my ZOLA referral code and get $50 dollars automatically added to your first registry. Full disclosure- that’s an affiliate link, which I’ll be saving for later if the day comes for me. 🙂

Add $50 to your Zola Wedding Registry

Happy registering!